iPadded Upstairs and Down

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Nick Churton of Mayfair International Realty finds the Modernist ideal alive and well in Houston Texas.

Architecture in Houston, Texas is a strong mix of styles and ideas. Some work well. Some perhaps not so – but then that goes for anywhere. But when the architecture does work well it can be uplifting. Take 1614 Driscoll Street for example. Here is a Modernist interpretation that raises the spirit. Good houses do that.

A difficulty with original Modernist houses built in the early 20th century is that their building material has been apt to degrade – especially in wetter climates. But today modern materials make structures so much more durable and ideal for 21st century construction and techniques.

This is a very fine execution of the Modernist ideal. One is met by a soaring, double height open plan living and dining area with a beautiful heavy timber treaded stair which rises, spine like, to the upper floor. All walls are white except the one flanking the stair which is grey. Don’t ask me why it works so well, I’m not an interior designer – but it does.

Another thing the early Modernists didn’t have to play with was today’s technology. IPads sunk into the walls here control heat, light, security and entertainment from within the property or from anywhere in the world with a signal. Outside are plunge pool, spa and a clever little three hole putting green with artificial surface that makes brilliant use of a narrow and otherwise unutilised area.

It is all here – the modern house for the modern dweller. One thing the buyer will need to be is as neat and tidy as the design. Modernism is a way of life and comes at a price. Part of that price is order. There is also the price of purchase. One of the reasons I like this house so much is its value-for-money location.  This area is on the up and rising quickly. It’s easy to see why. It is just round the corner from some very snappy shops and restaurants on West Grey Street, and only two or three easy miles from Downtown Houston and the vast Houston medical centre – both areas are huge employers. Take a look at the details on an iPad and then get in quick.

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