Laird of the Manor

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Nick Churton of Mayfair International Realty considers a very special house and the legacy of two important Scottish architects.

Three individuals stand out in popularising the landscape and culture of Scotland in the late 18th and 19th centuries. They were Queen Victoria, the romantic poet Robbie Burns, and the historical novelist Sir Walter Scott.

Lesser known, but in some ways extremely influential for the built environment in Scotland at this time was the father and son architectural partnership of Andrew Heiton Senior and Junior. These two managed to catch the zeitgeist and translate this new public passion for Scotland into buildings which captured the romance and grandeur of this beautiful land.

It is not hard to imagine how. Heiton senior knew Sir Walter Scott personally and would have found himself at the heart of this popular movement. To begin with small industrial buildings and railway stations were their stock in trade. But increasingly designs for large country houses in the new Scottish baronial style rolled off their drawing boards. There were many wealthy industrial age clients prepared to pay to be at the forefront of this new fashion. These houses followed the lead of celebrated Scottish architect, Robert Adam, a century before. They were heavy, turreted, robust and masculine affairs made for hunting, shooting and fishing. But no less beautiful for that.

A fine example is Drumfork House, built by Heiton junior in 1878. Laid out over five storeys the house features fine rooms dominated by oak panelling, embossed ceilings and marble fireplaces. A bold Lochinvar would be most at home here.

Neither does Drumfork House disappoint in its location or sporting prowess.  Set in 747 acres in the glorious Perthshire countryside there are magnificent views over the Vale of Blackwater and half a mile of single bank salmon fishing on the Blackwater.

In many ways there is as much demand for these houses now as when they were built – and for all the same reasons. So if you hanker to be laird of all you survey now is your chance.

Scottish property specialists, Bell Ingram, are handling the sale. Not only can they sell it to you but they can handle alterations, manage the fishing and expertly run the entire estate if you wish. You couldn’t be in better hands.

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