Fountain of Life

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Nick Churton of Mayfair International Realty communes with nature at a newly renovated and highly attractive house in New Canaan, CT.

Ask most people what feature they most desire in a house location and many will say water. The sea, a river, lake, pond or creek, they all have great attraction. I was reminded of this when I visited 64 Lake Wind Road in New Canaan recently.  The rear view is dominated by a small lake. But the great thing is the large fountain that has been installed. It is a stroke of genius. It has provided the house with a focal point and its backing track. It gives movement to the view and music to the location. But most of all it has transformed the eco-system. Once there were irritating insects and messy Canada geese – both attracted by still water. Now, in a splash, they are gone. In their place are now more welcome varieties of wildlife, including a large bullfrog that seems to boss the lake.

The same designer who installed the fountain has renovated this 1950s house and transformed it into a modern home of great charm and sophistication. From the outside you might swear this was a single storey home. But just wait until you get inside. Clever use of the roof-space and of the gently sloping site has made three legitimate floors of highly flexible accommodation. It is perfect for a growing family.

If you would like to be only about a mile from the centre of ever-so-smart New Canaan or only a short drive from up-and-coming Stamford I would definitely take a look.

A lot of bull is talked about property – but not this one. Ask the frog!

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