Boca Dreams


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Nick Churton of Mayfair International Realty imagines living in a very special home in Boca Raton, Florida.

The mimosas are ready on the terrace. The palm trees that were so verdant in the day are becoming silhouettes against the grapefruit pink Floridian evening sky. The neighbours in their 70ft yacht are inching past my own 75ft yacht and into their deep-water mooring. They have been out to the islands for several days. I was there last week. They will soon join me for drinks, along with several other friends and fellow members of the exclusive Boca Raton Yacht Club that is just a short walk away. They all enjoy visiting my home. It’s built in the Tuscan Palazzo style. It fits the location, it suits my relaxed way of life, and it reflects my taste in attractive design and uncompromising detail.

I love Boca Raton. I admire its panache. I enjoy the architecture – however mixed the styles somehow they all combine to make one of the most admired, yearned for and sought after communities in the US. Add to this the security and exclusivity of the gated Yacht Club estate, and this elegantly restrained house has everything that goes to make a home of intoxicating sub-tropical comfort and sophistication.

Yet this house doesn’t shout at you. It is not that sort of house. Instead it commands attention without raising its voice. It quietly impresses while burning itself painlessly but irrevocably on the memory. It is the sort of house that is hard to move from. But, however reluctantly, owners do from time to time move on. And that time is now.

Where was I? Ah yes, night has fallen and I am on the waterside terrace waiting for my guests. But wait, this is my dream and sadly, dear reader, you are not in it. But if you would like to feature in your own dream lifestyle here I suggest that you call brokers, Gerard Liguori, Carmen D’Angelo and Joseph Liguori at the incomparable Premier Estate Properties. In 1925 visionary resort architect, Addison Mizner, had a dream to create Boca Raton. Eighty-eight years later these three exceptional brokers help make Boca dreams come true.

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