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Nick Churton of Mayfair International Realty listens to the resonance of history in a delightful cottage in a pretty Cotswolds village.

If the walls of the Old Post Office in Bledington, in the English Cotswolds, could talk, or – better still sing – they might sing a song of the Battle of Waterloo.  They might talk of their years as a corner shop, a tailor’s shop and a post office.  More recently they could tell of life as a family home.

A cutting from a local newspaper dated 16th February 1907 reveals a young occupant, Charles Phipps, born in 1813, living in the property as a child when his father was a tailor.  Later, as a young man, Phipps travelled to America – in those days by sailing ship – where he became a surveyor under the US Surveyor-General. The cutting mentions him in latter years, having returned to the village, singing the 1815 Waterloo song that he must have learnt fairly soon after the great battle.

Goodness knows how many families have lived in the Old Post Office over the past three hundred years – nor how many times it has changed hands. But one thing is known.  It will soon change hands again and provide a wonderful home for its new occupants.

Estate agents and Mayfair International Realty member, Hayman-Joyce, is handling the sale of the Old Post Office and will be happy to talk of it.  They may not be able to tell the story of the property as well as the walls could but they will do their best.

The Old Post Office has four bedrooms, sitting room, dining room, study, kitchen, shower room and bathroom. The asking price is £625,000.

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