The X Factor

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Nick Churton of Mayfair International Realty samples the high-life in one of Manhattan’s great penthouse apartments.

If ever there was an area that epitomises trendy Manhattan living it is the historic SoHo district.  And perhaps the loft apartment that most epitomises that neighbourhood is 362 West Broadway.

This triplex penthouse loft has the Manhattan views of which movie scenes are made.  Up on the wide, wood decked terrace look one way and there is the Empire State Building.  Look the other way and there are views down towards Wall Street.  There is even one view that catches a bit of giant advertising hoarding.  If that sounds unattractive, oddly enough it really isn’t.  It is a reminder of where you are and that the exciting New York scene of which you want to be part is made up of many different and diverse elements.  It is this New York, along with roof top water coolers and chimneys, and other people’s roof gardens, that makes living here so – and there is really no other word for it – cool.

This penthouse has it all.  First is the lofty look with original wooden columns and beams.  This inspired conversion has kept the theme and retained the feel with plank flooring and walls of reclaimed barn wood.  Texture is the name of the game here. Smooth stone floors set off sawn timber wall surfaces, modern glass and chrome set off industrial cast iron.

The kitchen cabinetary in the spacious open plan living area appears to float and natural light floods in laterally from generous windows and also from above through cleverly designed skylighting.

While the roof terrace is ideal for adult leisure the lower floor has two bedrooms, play room, bathroom and laundry, making it the most lovely and practical children’s level.

I love the description in the brochure of the master bedroom as a ‘pin-drop quiet sanctuary’.  It really is!

Have no doubt that as Manhattan lofts go this is a trophy.  It ticks all the boxes.  It is authentic.  It is fabulously placed.  It has style and élan.  It has the X factor.

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