The Best of the Best

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Nick Churton finds that he is lost for words in trying to describe a most lovely island paradise.

I love writing about property.  I love the chance to share my passion and excitement about a building, a location, a history or an owner – and if a place has great beauty then that too.

But what happens when the property in question defies any description?  When words, no matter how heartfelt or well crafted, cannot begin to capture the essence of a place so special that even the best of writers would surely find their lexicon insufficient.

When that happens it is best not to try.  It is better instead to use the things worth thousands of words – pictures.  So I urge you to look at the superb photography on the Michael Saunders & Company website of Little Bokeelia Island, off the Florida Gulf Coast.  It is breathtaking. Just click on the image above.

This is a semi-tropical 100-acre island with a Spanish style residence and 3.5 miles of palm fringed beaches.  The price is $29.5 million.  It is causing quite a stir in the market.  And so it should.  If you made a list of the world’s most desirable homes available for sale right now, then made a shortlist and then chose just one the chances are it would be Little Bokeelia Island.  This private paradise has it all – privacy, accessibility, romance, history and incomparable beauty.  Take a look at the photos and you’ll see why.  Better still take off your shoes and go there.

The purchaser will be joining a small club of owners and visitors, from the Calusa Indians and Thomas Edison to Charles Burgess, founder of the Burgess Battery Company – better known today as Duracell.

Of course for this amount of money you could buy a townhouse in London or a Fifth Avenue apartment or a beach house in Malibu or a villa beside Lake Maggiore or perhaps even half a small African state. But there’s the rub. At $29.5 million none of the above would be the best of its kind. Little Bokeelia Island is.

But here I must introduce a rather sad note.  If you miss this now you will probably never find anything quite like it again as long as you live.  That’s how good it is.

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