Visiting Tranquility

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Nick Churton of Mayfair International Realty – who usually dislikes the overused word, stunning, to describe real estate – visits a simply stunning house in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

I sat on an Adirondack chair, placed high on a rocky outcrop.  It was, no doubt, put there for contemplation, and so that is just what I did.  I had a great deal to contemplate.  I considered that if you are co-founder of one of the world’s most famous and successful fashion brands you can bring to your homemaking a level of indulgence that can only remain the remotest fantasy in others.

Ahead of me, through the pine trees, and glinting in the evening sun, was Lake Tahoe with its majestic snow-topped mountain backdrop.  Below, and to the left on the wide terrace was a table set beautifully for supper.  Beyond that was, what has to be, the prettiest boathouse anywhere, while behind me was one of the most exciting private homes I had ever had the pleasure and privilege to visit.  So, I contemplated, this was what it must be like to live the billionaire lifestyle.

It may help, at this stage, for you to know the price – at $100 million (including furniture) Tranquility is the third most expensive home in the US.  So what do you get for this king’s ransom? You get to walk down Titanic’s grand staircase – an exact replica of the original. You get to relax in the cigar room of the St. Regis Hotel, New York – another faithful reconstruction.  You get your own basketball court, library, health spa with retractable roof, art studio, private lake, 3 hole golf course, 9 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, 16 car garage, 19 seat theater, 210 acres, 3,200 bottle wine cellar, 5,000-square-foot guesthouse, stables and caretakers’ quarters that just about anyone would be very pleased to call home .

Back on my chair the sun had set and the sky was ablaze with stars.  A slight breeze rustled the treetops and the candles flickered gently on the supper table.  All was set for another magical evening at Tranquility.  But this night I was part of that magic.  It is at moments like this I am rather pleased that I do what I do.  At moments like this a multi-billionaire would think $100 million (to include furniture) is a very good deal – if I were, I would.

By Nick Churton

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