Visiting Devonshire, Bedford Corners, New York

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Nick Churton of the Houlihan Lawrence London Office shares some personal thoughts on visiting this elegant home.

Reading the brochure and looking at the photos didn’t really prepare me for my first view of Devonshire.  Of course it is a wonderful and handsome colonial-styled house: that much I discerned before my visit.  But what is really striking is the elevation.  It is the lofty location with breathtaking commanding views to the north that immediately sets this house apart.  No photos, however good, can do this justice.

We now live in an age when ostentation in property is rather eschewed.  But despite its fine and even grand appearance Devonshire manages to overcome any such concerns.  This is surely because the location provides the drama, with the house adding a distinctive human element to the tableau.

The interior doesn’t disappoint either.  The dramatic views are ever-present but the spacious, elegant and thoughtfully arranged rooms do not shout; instead they seem to whisper comfort and elegance in respectful tones.

Here is a serious house for a serious buyer.  It is a beautifully designed home that would make any owner proud and any guest enchanted.  Even as an outsider I could appreciate so many of Devonshire’s charms.  I could also appreciate that with the I-684 comfortably out of earshot but giving access to a 45-minute drive to New York City this is the perfect country antidote to busy – and successful – city life.

By Nick Churton

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