A Royal Wedding Present?

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Nick Churton of Mayfair International Realty thinks he may have come up with the ideal royal wedding gift.

Here is an exciting opportunity from Mayfair International Realty member, Bell Ingram, who are marketing a fascinating royal property in Scotland.

Victoria Cottage, Tobermory – no doubt named after Prince William’s great, great, great, great, great grandmother, Queen Victoria, who visited the town in 1847 – has another fine and more recent royal connection.  After they finished their schooling at St. Andrew’s University, Prince William and his girlfriend-soon-to-become-wife, Kate, spent an important vacation here.

This was the ideal spot to get away from it all and unwind before the hurly burly of a life that will include royal duties and establishing careers.

What a lovely place this is.  Tobermory – the very name is so romantic – is a charming harbour town on the Isle of Mull, which stands off the ruggedly beautiful west coast of Scotland.

Famed not only for the multi-coloured houses that crowd the pretty and sheltered waterfront, Tobermory is also fabled for having a sunken Spanish galleon, laden with gold, lying somewhere in the mud at the bottom of its bay.  The ship, perhaps the Florencia, is thought to have been carrying $450,000 in gold bullion – over $60 million at today’s prices!  Chased by the English fleet during the Spanish Armada of 1588 and then badly blown off course in a ferocious storm the vessel reputedly caught fire and sunk.  Phillip II of Spain said after the famous defeat that he had sent the Armada against men, not God’s winds and waves.  No significant treasure has ever been recovered in Tobermory; however many still live and dive in hope.

Overlooking that bay and with a very fine view over the spectacular Sound of Mull, Victoria Cottage is certainly the perfect romantic retreat and would make an ideal honeymoon gift from the prince to his new bride.

At the moment Kate divides her time between her fiancé Prince William’s quarters in Clarence House, London and a $1,220-a-week farmhouse he rents while stationed with the RAF in Wales, where he is a helicopter search and rescue pilot. The couple eventually hope to begin married life in glamorous Kensington Palace – the former home of Diana, Princess of Wales – where they have their eye on Princess Margaret’s former apartment, No 1A, which is being refurbished.

However, there will be times in their busy lives ahead when they will, no doubt, think longingly of that simple and charming cottage in Scotland.

By Nick Churton

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1 Response to A Royal Wedding Present?

  1. Mull is stunning – wild weather and wild views you get an amazing sense of island living. The colourful Tobermory Harbour is what most people think of when they think of Mull but it has so much more to offer – with over 280 miles of coast line there’s plenty to see.
    It’s no wonder the Royal Family like it (and Scotland) so much

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