Visiting Rosewood, Chappaqua, New York





Nick Churton of Mayfair International Realty takes a look at Rosewood, one of the very fine homes being marketed through broker Houlihan Lawrence.

Ambassadorial, presidential even, these were words that came to mind when I visited Rosewood. Another word was quiet. There aren’t many places in our developed world – especially only 40 miles from Wall Street – where one can hear silence, but I did at Rosewood. Perhaps this is because nature’s own sound insulation system is so alive and well here. 71 acres of woodland can do this for a house.

I will leave the list of rooms and facilities to the brochure, website and Houlihan Lawrence, but what struck me was the attention to detail and finish. These were both very crisp and clean. The house itself is constructed from the most finely joined dressed stone which lends this recently built home a timeless quality. From an Englishman’s point of view this is reminiscent of our own English North Country houses.

But I doubt that any of our North Country houses can boast a double height and galleried library; a full size basketball court; a teenager’s bedroom to die for and an infinity pool in the most enchanting woodland setting.

Look at the photos by all means but this is a must-see home for a must-buy purchaser. Here is a house in the woods providing seclusion without isolation and with all the look and feel of the old and characterful but without all the attendant downside of the old and characterful. This is a house of today built for the most discerning owner of tomorrow. It will not disappoint.

Nick Churton

Details of Rosewood

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