Strolling, just Strolling

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Nick Churton, from the Diane Turton Realtors’ London office, takes a short walk from the New Jersey Boardwalk to discover a charming home. 

The Property: 15 St Clair Avenue, Spring Lake, New Jersey

The Broker: Diane Turton Realtors

The Agents: Susan Millar and Patricia Hamilton

Saint Clair Avenue is one of several broad, elegant thoroughfares that stretch back from the New Jersey shore at Spring Lake. High-end homes in this high-end town invariably come in two types – desirable and even more desirable.

But that doesn’t mean anything will do. Oh no; when house-hunting, one must always choose wisely – even if one is spoilt for choice. Not every home in Spring Lake will suit the requirements of the exacting buyer. There are important personal decisions to be made concerning size, proportions, condition, specification, orientation and nearness to the pretty village centre. But one common consideration will overarch everything. It is why most people house-hunt in Spring Lake in the first place: it’s what they want for their families – it’s the beach.

The beach is what makes this community tick. It is why it is a great place to live and a great place in which to invest in your family and real estate.

15 Saint Clair Avenue is in the ‘even more desirable’ category of houses in this town. One big reason is that it has ocean views. Yet it is peacefully set back from all the hectic summer season activity. This home is an all-year or weekend and vacation sanctuary combining exterior elegance with interior sophistication. Recently renovated to the point one only has to move in, it is the ultimate plug, play and enjoy Spring Lake home.

But best of all, the house is only a couple of minute’s stroll from the beach – just far enough for the kids to walk the sand from their feet – so the house self-cleans as well! Now that is something in which it is well worth investing.

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